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Available Set Functions

The available set functions are:

Set function
Average of the values in the set.
Number of values in the set.
Largest value in the set.
Smallest value in the set.
Sum of the values in the set.

Note: The functions SUM and AVG can only be applied to numerical values.

General Syntax

The general syntax for the set-function is:

Operational Mode

The operational mode of a set function is determined by the use of the keywords ALL and DISTINCT.

When ALL is specified or no keyword is used:
When DISTINCT is specified:

NULL Values

For all set functions except COUNT(*), any NULL values in the operand set are eliminated before the set function is applied, regardless of whether DISTINCT is specified or not.

The special form COUNT (*) returns the number of rows in the result table, including any NULL values. The keywords ALL and DISTINCT may not be used with this form of COUNT.

If the operand set is empty, the COUNT function returns the value zero. All other functions return NULL for an empty operand set.

The COUNT function returns an integer with precision 10. The MAX and MIN functions return a value with the same type and precision as the operand. The precision of the result returned by SUM and AVG is considered below.

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