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Basic Concepts of Mimer SQL

This chapter provides a general introduction to the basic concepts of Mimer SQL databases and Mimer SQL objects.

Mimer SQL is a relational database system. This means that the information in the database is presented to the user in the form of tables. The tables represent a logical description of the contents of the database which is independent of, and insulates the user from, the physical storage format of the data.

The Mimer SQL database includes the data dictionary which is a set of tables describing the organization of the database and is used primarily by the database management system itself.

The database, although located on a single physical platform, may be accessed from many distinct platforms, even at remote geographical locations, linked over a network through client/server support.

Commands are available for managing the connections to different databases, so the actual database being accessed may change during the course of an SQL session.

At any one time, however, the database may be regarded as one single organized collection of information.

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