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Header Files Provided

When using the Mimer Micro API, the mimmicroapi.h header file should always be included. For example, this file declares the API routines and also the handle types to be used, i.e. MimerSession, MimerStatement, MimerLob and MimerHandle. In addition, it defines a number of symbols that can be used for a convenient and instructive C coding.

Other files that are provided are the mimerror.h and mimstdint.h files, which both are automatically included by the mimmicroapi.h file. The mimstdint.h file arranges the necessary measure for using the int16_t, int32_t and int64_t data types that are recommended for, and used by, the Mimer Micro API. The mimerrors.h file defines C symbols for a couple of error codes that may be used when programming with the Mimer Micro API, see Mimer Real-Time and Micro API Return Codes.

C symbols used in example code are defined in these header files.

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