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2.2 Creating a Silent Mimer SQL Installation with InstallShield

Start by obtaining a distribution of Mimer SQL. Contact Upright Database Technology AB to obtain a Mimer SQL distribution on CD for the Windows platform (NT/2000 or 98/ME) that suits your needs.

Note: The distribution can be either a full distribution, containing both client and server functionality, or just a client distribution.

The Mimer SQL version 8.2 installation uses the InstallShield 6.1 installation program. You can find more information about InstallShield at their web site:

2.2.1 The Mimer Installation Files

An installation package is based on the Mimer SQL distribution files.

The program setup.exe performs the Mimer SQL installation.

The installation package should contain copies of the following files from the CD distribution:

Note: You may not copy the defkey9x.mcfg or defkeynt.mcfg files.

2.2.2 Creating a Response File

A Mimer response file contains information about installation options. To create a response file, you must run the Mimer SQL setup.exe using the -r option.

To create the response file:
  1. Locate setup.exe on the Mimer SQL distribution.
  2. Run setup.exe with option -r, for example:
setup -r -f1"C:\My App\mimresp.iss" 

The option -r causes some changes in the setup dialog box. The modified dialog box allows the same response file to be used both to install and to reinstall Mimer SQL. That is, running a silent setup will implicitly remove an older version of Mimer SQL when necessary. For information on the -f1 option, see Switches.

The choices you make while installing are recorded in the response file In the example above, the response file is placed in the directory
C:\My App.

2.2.3 Including Mimer SQL in Your Installation Script

In your installation script, you must specify the Mimer SQL setup and response file you want to use.

To add the information:
  1. Run the following command:
setup -c"C:\My App\mimresp.log" -s  
      -f1"C:\My App\mimresp.iss" -f2"C:\My App\mimresp.log" 

Note that in the example above:

-c"C:\My App\mimresp.log" 

is the Mimer SQL specific switch which specifies the location and name of a reboot indicator log file and inserts a RebootNeeded line in the file.

-f2"C:\My App\mimresp.log" 

specifies the location and name of the log file created by InstallShield Silent.

We recommend that the reboot indicator log file and the log file are the same file.

For more information on switches, see Switches. Example Output

The following text is an example of the output in mimresp.log after the command above:

[InstallShield Silent] 
File=Log File 
Name=Mimer SQL 

ResultCode=0 indicates that the installation was successful. The setup runtime error codes are further described in setup.exe.

RebootNeeded=0 indicates that it was not necessary to reboot after this installation.

If RebootNeeded=1 had been returned, it would indicate that a reboot of Windows had been necessary in order to complete the Mimer installation.

See InstallShield Information for more information on the options for creating the silent install file and invoking the silent setup.

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