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The SQLHOSTS File on VMS and Unix

This appendix applies to the VMS and UNIX platforms only.

It describes the SQLHOSTS file which is used to list all the databases that are accessible to a Mimer SQL application from the node on which it resides.

For general information on how to make databases accessible, refer to Making the Database Accessible.

UNIX: On a UNIX node, the path name of SQLHOSTS file is:
The program called mimhosts can be used to manage the contents of the SQLHOSTS file instead of editing it manually.
When the dbinstall program is used to install a local database on a UNIX node, an entry for it is automatically added to the LOCAL section, see LOCAL Section, of the SQLHOSTS file on that node.
If the file is not found, a default SQLHOSTS file is automatically generated. (See the mimhosts and sqlhosts man-pages).

VMS: On a VMS node, the SQLHOSTS file can have any name and is located by translating the logical name MIMER_SQLHOSTS. The MIMSETUP8 command will define it to be:
A default SQLHOSTS file is generated by the installation of the Mimer SQL software.

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