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Arranging to Put a Databank on a Raw Device

The database server must be stopped:

 # mimcontrol -t m82server

The databank file should be renamed:

 # mv transdb.dbf transdb.dbf.ORDINARY

Create a soft link to the raw device file, using the original databank file name. Make sure that the owner of the databank, usually root, is the only one with access to the partition:

Note: It must be verified that the partition that corresponds to the raw device is not part of a file system that can be mounted.
 # ln -s /dev/rdsk/rawname transdb.dbf
 # chmod 600 /dev/rdsk/rawname
 # chmod 600 /dev/dsk/rawname

Copy the original databank file onto the soft link and restart the database server:

 # cp transdb.dbf.ORDINARY transdb.dbf
 # mimcontrol -s m82server

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