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Restoring SYSDB

If SYSDB is lost, a backup copy of SYSDB must be restored to allow Mimer SQL to start again. No Mimer SQL-based application can be used before this is done.

If SYSDB is lost or corrupted, a backup copy should be copied to the same file location as the original SYSDB. The contents of SYSDB may then be brought completely up to date by restoring LOGDB information. This is done using the backup and restore functionality in the UTIL program.

Start the program and login as SYSADM, or another user with BACKUP privilege. A message is displayed saying that you have an old version of SYSDB that must be restored. Answer Y to the question Restore SYSDB to restore the copy of SYSDB.

Since SYSDB always has the LOG option, this will restore SYSDB to the state it had before it was lost.

Example, assuming a backup of SYSDB has been copied to the original location:

 MIMER/DB fatal error -16159 in function CONNECT
          Old version of the databank SYSDB cannot be accessed without
          restoring the databank with the backup and restore utility
                      -- Restore databank --
 Restore SYSDB?[Y]: Y
 Databank SYSDB restored from log

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