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Databank Backups

A databank backup is a copy of the databank file.

A databank backup is the starting point for any restore operation, and should be stored in a safe place separate from the working databank files (copied to a different disk or preferably written to backup media and removed from the machine).

The backup can be taken either by using the Mimer SQL system administration statements for online backup, see Online Backups Using the SQL Statements, or by using the host file system utilities in a system backup, see System Backups Using the Host File System.

After a backup is taken, the updates logged for the databank in question should be cleared from LOGDB. This will be done automatically when the SQL system management statements for online backup are used.

The DBC program, see Databank Check Functionality, should be executed for each databank in the backup operation in order to validate the physical consistency of the databank.

For a system backup, the backup copies of the databanks should always be taken when the system is closed and the databanks are in a logically consistent state. That is, no uncompleted transactions should exist and all databanks should be backed up at the same time to safeguard database consistency.

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