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DBOPEN Functionality

The DBOPEN functionality is used to make sure that the users can open all databanks quickly.

It can take relatively longer to open a databank if it is a large databank that was closed abnormally (for example if the machine crashed) because a databank check is automatically initiated following such a situation.

Multi-user Mode

When DBOPEN is run in multi-user mode, the index pages of the databank are checked before databank access can proceed, but the bulk of the databank contents (contained in the data pages) is checked in the background, thus minimizing the delay.

Background Threads

The checking performed by DBOPEN is performed by the background threads, see Number of Background Threads. Therefore, increasing the number of concurrent background threads available for use will increase the efficiency of the checking.

The DBOPEN functionality should normally be run as soon as the database server has been started.

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