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Mimer SQL Mobile and JDBC

Upright Database Technology supplies two types of JDBC drivers: the Mimer SQL Mobile JDBC driver and the Mimer SQL Engine JDBC driver.

The Mobile JDBC driver uses less memory resources than the Engine driver. The code size itself has also been reduced by removing features unlikely to be required on a mobile platform, such as a handheld device.

The Mobile JDBC driver is distributed under the name minjdbc1.jar.

The primary use of the Mobile JDBC driver is to connect to a Mimer SQL Mobile server which cannot change its schema once deployed. However, it should be noted that it is still possible to connect to a Mimer SQL Engine server using the Mobile driver.

Supported JDBC Versions

The Mobile JDBC driver supports JDBC version 1.

Differences Between Drivers

The differences between the Mimer SQL Engine and Mimer SQL Mobile JDBC drivers are:

Note: Sun has a working group to establish a JDBC subset for J2ME (CLDC configurations) to be published in November 2002. Future versions of the Mobile JDBC driver will implement that specification.

JDBC Sample Program

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