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Arranging to Take a Databank off a Raw Device

The database server must be stopped:

 # mimcontrol -t m82server

The raw device databank file must be copied to an ordinary block oriented file, located on a partition large enough to hold the complete raw device partition. Then the soft link can be removed:

 # cp transdb.dbf /extra/transdb.dbf
 # unlink transdb.dbf

Now the raw device partition can be used for other purposes. However, to be able to start the database system again, the databank file (in this case the TRANSDB file
/extra/transdb.dbf) must be locatable by the database server. This can be achieved by arranging for the databank file to be moved back to its original location.

Another solution is to update the /etc/sqlhosts file by adding an optional databank location.

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