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DBC Syntax

The overall syntax for the DBC program is:

 dbc  [databank_filename [result_filename] ]

DBC Command-line Arguments

File name for the databank to check. The default file name extension is .dbf.
Sequential file created by DBC that contains the result of the verification.
The default file name extension is .dbc. If no result file name is specified, output is written to the screen.

If the file names are not specified on the command-line, DBC prompts for the name of the databank file and a name for the result file.

If an error occurs when opening the databank file (e.g. file not found or file locked by another user), or while creating the result file, an appropriate error message is displayed.

If no errors are detected in the databank file, the following message is shown:

 No errors found

The result file then contains statistics describing the physical databank organization.

Otherwise, error descriptions (see below) are written to the result file, and the following message is displayed:

 * Errors logged in result file

The result file should be examined to investigate the nature of the errors, see Result File Contents.

It should be noted that the DBC program returns an error status to the operating system when an error is encountered. This may be useful when running it from scripts or in batch mode.

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