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Updating Tables

Data in existing table rows can be changed with the UPDATE statement. This statement has the general form:

 UPDATE table
    SET column = value
    [WHERE search-condition];

The search condition specifies which rows in the table are to be updated. If no search condition is specified, all rows will be updated.

Update the exchange rate for US dollars to 0.8886:
    SET EXCHANGE_RATE = 0.8886
Discount all Sony prices by 10 percent:
 UPDATE items
    SET price = price * 0.90
    WHERE producer_id = (SELECT producer_id
                            FROM producers
                            WHERE producer = 'Sony');

When a subselect is used in the search condition, the table being updated may not be used in the subselect.

Primary key columns can be updated provided the table is stored in a databank with the TRANS or LOG option.

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