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Creating Databanks

A databank is the physical file where a collection of tables is stored. A Mimer SQL database may contain any number of databanks.

Create Databank Statement

The statement for creating a databank has the general form:

 CREATE DATABANK databank-name
    [OF initial-size PAGES]
    [IN 'filename']
    [WITH transaction-control OPTION];


Create a databank called MIMER_BLOBS with the default parameters stored in the file called 'mimer_blobs.dbf':
Note: The default parameters are with TRANS option and size 1000 Mimer pages.
 CREATE DATABANK mimer_blobs;
Create the MIMER_STORE databank with LOG option, allocate 1200 Mimer pages for it, and store it in a file call 'mimer_store.dbf':
 CREATE DATABANK mimer_store OF 1200 PAGES IN 'mimer_store.dbf'

At this point, the databank is empty.

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