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Introducing the Example Environment

This chapter discusses the example environment, MIMER_STORE, which contains data used by the fictional business GoodiesRUs.

GoodiesRUs sells music, available in various formats and books. An item can be available in various formats, for example a music album may be available in audio CD, cassette, DVD audio, and vinyl. We have created the MIMER_STORE environment to demonstrate how Mimer SQL provides everything from simple to sophisticated functionality.

You can use the example environment in different ways depending on how you plan to use Mimer SQL.

If your main purpose is to learn SQL and how to best retrieve information stored in a database, you can review the examples included in this manual and run them in the example environment to see how best to construct SQL queries.

If you are interested in database modeling, stored procedures and constructing databases, you can review the files that install the environment.

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