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About this Manual

This manual is intended primarily for Mimer SQL users who have little or no experience of Structured Query Language (SQL). It describes how to use Mimer SQL for creating and manipulating the contents of a database.

This manual provides an introduction to the concepts and usage of Mimer SQL, including its use in the Mimer BSQL environment. ESQL is described in the Mimer SQL Programmer's Manual. A full description of the syntax and function of Mimer SQL statements is given in the Mimer SQL Reference Manual.

All examples in this manual are based on the example database, MIMER_STORE, that accompanies Mimer SQL.

Refer to the Mimer SQL Reference Manual, Chapter 12, SQL Statement Descriptions for a complete syntax description of the statements supported in Mimer SQL.

Also included in this manual is a detailed description of the facilities provided in Mimer BSQL.

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