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The Mimer JDBC Driver

The Mimer JDBC Driver is required in order to access a Mimer SQL database over
TCP/IP from a Java application.

You can use the Mimer JDBC driver on any client computer that has the Java runtime environment is installed.

Note: Only Mimer SQL database servers of version 8.2 or later support JDBC clients.

The driver is extremely small in size, so that it can be simply incorporated into an applet that can be downloaded over the Internet.

Driver Versions

The JDBC 1.0 API specification provided basic functionality for data access. The JDBC 2.0 API supplements the basic API with more advanced features and includes features such as scrollable and updateable result sets and improved performance.

There are two versions of the Mimer JDBC Driver available:

Version Numbering Conventions

The convention used in the Mimer driver numbering, for example,

mimjdbc-2_2.jar is that the major version number is equal to the version number of the JDBC specification that the driver supports; the minor version number is the release number of that driver.

Jtrace Driver

We also provide a Jtrace Driver, this is a JDBC driver that sits 'on top' of a standard JDBC driver. All calls are made to the Jtrace Driver and it passes them on to the standard driver.

The Jtrace Driver produces a trace of all the JDBC calls that were made, combined with timing and statistical information. For more information, please visit

Upright Database Technology AB
Voice: +46 18 780 92 00
Fax: +46 18 780 92 40
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