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Mimer Explorer - Accessing the Database on Your Device

Once you have exported the database to your device, you can access the data it contains using precompiled statements via Mimer Explorer.

Using Mimer Explorer

Mimer Explorer is available on both your workstation, in the Mimer SQL program group and on your device from the main menu.

Note: The following example is based on Mimer SQL Mobile running on a Pocket PC device with the example environment installed.
To start using Mimer Explorer:
  1. Ensure that the database server is running on your device. Start Mimer Administrator and click the Remote tab to see the database server status.
  2. On your device, in this case a Pocket PC, click and select Mimer Explorer, the following dialog box opens:

Log on as mimer_store using the password GoodiesRUs and click OK. Mimer Explorer opens and displays the precompiled statements you can use to query data stored on your device. For more information, see About Precompiled Statements.

  1. Click on a statement to run it. Some of the statements require input values. When prompted, enter the values and click OK.

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