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Exporting to an Emulation Environment

This section explains how to work in an emulation environment.

The procedure for exporting a database to your emulation environment provided with Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++, version 3.0, is very similar to exporting to a handheld device.

To export to an emulation environment:
  1. Follow the steps for exporting the database to your handheld device, but in the dialog box shown in step 3 of Exporting to Your Handheld Device, select the protocol tcp - emulator instead of Rapi, for example:

  1. To access the database, you start the emulator via the following shortcut:

    Start | Programs | Microsoft Windows Platform SDK for Pocket PC | Desktop Pocket PC emulation or equivalent.

    Once the emulator is running, you can access the database from applications running under the emulator and also from desktop applications accessing the EmulDB database (or the name you specified).

    This enables you to test applications directly on the desktop using a Mimer SQL Mobile server.

Note: If you install embedded Visual C++ after you install Mimer SQL Mobile on your workstation, you should reinstall Mimer SQL Mobile to enable the installation program to install all the needed registry entries and executables in the emulation environment.

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