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SQLDB Considerations

The contents of SQLDB is transient, so this databank does not need backup protection.

However, it may be convenient to have SQLDB included in the backup so that a complete system can be restored easily, without any additional operations to recreate an empty SQLDB.

Some data retrieval requests in Mimer SQL may require large work areas or transaction handling areas for intermediate processing of the data (for instance, requests to sort or group large result sets will require large work tables in SQLDB). This is particularly relevant to BSQL, where ad-hoc queries may be submitted with little thought for the processing requirements or performance of the query. In systems where files expand automatically, the file for SQLDB can become very large as the result of one badly-planned query.

A large SQLDB file can be deleted and a new SQLDB created by using the BSQL program, see Creating a New SQLDB.

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