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The overall syntax for DBOPEN is:

 dbopen [-s | -m] [-u[username]] [-p[password]] [database]

DBOPEN Command-line Arguments


Connects to the database in multi-user mode.


Connects to the database in single-user mode.


Specifies the username used when connecting to Mimer. If just the switch (without value) is given, an attempt to connect as os_user is done.


Specifies the password used in connecting to Mimer.

Note that if the Unix-style argument is used in a VMS environment it might be necessary to enclose the password in quotation marks as the value otherwise is translated to upper case.


Specifies the name of the database to access.

If the optional database name is not specified, the default database will be accessed, see The Default Database.

If the username or password arguments are omitted, the program will prompt for these values.

If neither -s nor -m is specified for the optional mode flag, the way the database is accessed will be determined by the setting of the MIMER_MODE variable, see Specifying Single-user Mode Access, or, if this is not set, it will be accessed in multi-user mode.


UNIX: The UNIX-style command-line flags must be used on a UNIX machine.

VMS: Either the UNIX-style or the VMS-style command-line flags may be used on an OpenVMS machine - see the Mimer SQL VMS Guide for more details.

Win: The UNIX-style command-line flags can be used from a Command Prompt window.

Error Status

The DBOPEN program returns an error status to the operating system when an error is encountered. This may be useful when running it from scripts or in batch mode.

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