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Accessing a Database Remotely

In order to access a database that resides on another network node, the database must be created as a local database on the node it resides on and a remote database definition must be set up on the node from which the database is to be accessed.

The purpose of the remote database definition is to define a link with a database that resides elsewhere on the network. The name used for the remote database definition must be the same as that given to the local database it represents.

The definition for the remote database contains the communication parameters required for accessing the database over the network.

Win: The definition of a remote database under Windows is set up by running the Mimer Administrator and specifying the required parameters. On-line Windows help is provided with the Mimer Administrator to guide you through the creation of a remote database.

Client/Server Interface

Once the remote database definition has been set up and provided that the Mimer SQL client/server communications have been established correctly, access to a database that resides on a remote machine is performed transparently.

The Mimer SQL client/server communications interface is integrated into the database server. The database server process manages all connections.

All Mimer SQL applications may use the client/server interface without having to make any special provision in the application code. The client/server interface is automatically activated whenever a remote database is targeted.

The Mimer SQL client/server protocol is identical on all Mimer SQL platforms. This means that a Mimer SQL client on any machine type may access a Mimer SQL server for a remote database on any of the platforms on which Mimer SQL is implemented.

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