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About Mimer SQL Mobile

Mimer SQL Mobile is characterized by certain important aspects:

Small - The Mimer SQL Mobile database server, client and the actual data are all optimized to be as small as possible. Mimer SQL Mobile also automatically compresses data `on-the fly' and savings of disk space are typically around 60%.

Self-tuning - Mimer SQL Mobile's self-tuning mechanisms reduce the number of configuration parameters needed and make your database virtually maintenance free. These mechanisms include automatic reorganization of your database which dramatically improves database queries.

Full functionality - Mimer SQL Mobile supports transactions, stored procedures, triggers, referential integrity and multi-user concurrency. The complete support for SQL separates Mimer SQL Mobile from other small footprint databases on the market and enables you to reuse existing SQL knowledge.

Standards - Mimer SQL Mobile conforms to all major SQL standards. Database connections are done through established standards - JDBC, ODBC and Embedded SQL (ESQL).

Fail-safe - As Mimer SQL Mobile supports transactions, your database is always consistent. Not even a power failure at a critical stage will damage your database. Once it is up and running again, your database automatically recovers to a consistent state.

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