Getting Started

Introducing Mimer SQL Mobile
About Mimer SQL Mobile
Requirements Pocket PC
Microsoft ActiveSync
Microsoft eMbedded Visual Studio
Requirements Symbian - General
J2ME Wireless Toolkit
Requirements Symbian - UIQ Based Phones
Sony Ericsson P80x
P800 Data Suite
Symbian SDK UIQ
Requirements Symbian - Series 60 based phones
Nokia 7610
Other Mimer SQL Products
Installing and Getting Started
Install Mimer SQL Mobile
Create a Database
About Precompiled Statements
Export to a Handheld Device or Emulator
Exporting to Pocket PC
Exporting to Symbian
Mimer Explorer - Accessing the Database on a Pocket PC Device
Using Mimer Explorer
Emulation Environments
Pocket PC 2002 Emulator
Pocket PC Emulator
Symbian Emulator
Importing From the Emulation Environment
Additional Symbian Information
Manually install Mimer SQL Mobile on the P800/UIQ handset
Manually install Mimer SQL Mobile on the Series 60 handset
Manually installing the Mimer MIDP-driver into J2ME Wireless Toolkit
Manually installing the Mimer SQL Mobile emulation support into the Symbian emulator (P800/UIQ)
Importing databases from a Symbian environment