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Installing and Getting Started

You must complete the following steps to get a Mimer SQL Mobile database up and running on your handheld device:

  1. Install Mimer SQL Mobile

    Run the installation wizard which installs Mimer SQL Mobile on your workstation and device. See Install Mimer SQL Mobile.

  2. Create a database

    On your workstation, create the database that you will use on your handheld device. See Create a Database.

  3. Create and store precompiled statements

    Using the CREATE STATEMENT command, create and store the statements you want. This enables you to access the database using the Mimer SQL Mobile database server. See About Precompiled Statements.

  4. Export to your handheld device

    Run the Mimer Administrator on your workstation to set up a remote database definition enabling you to access the database on the handheld device.

    Export the database to the handheld device. You can test your statements with the Mimer Explorer from the handheld device and/or from Mimer Explorer running on the desktop. See Export to a Handheld Device or Emulator.

    Your database is now accessible from applications on your desktop computer as well as applications running on the handheld device.

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