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Install Mimer SQL Mobile

To install Mimer SQL Mobile:
  1. Download the latest development version of Mimer SQL Mobile from
  2. Run the exe file, for example MimerMobileNt2000Xp921a.exe, to start the wizard which will guide you through the installation process.
  3. When the wizard asks you to select the components to install, select the Pocket PC support files option if you are going to develop Pocket PC applications, and select the Symbian support files option if you are going to develop Symbian applications.

    You may also want to install an emulation environment. If you select the Pocket PC Emulation option, be sure that the eMbedded Visual Studio is already installed, to ensure correct placement of the installed files. If you select the Symbian Emulation option, be sure that the Symbian SDK UIQ is already installed, to ensure correct placement of the installed files.

Tip: To get a quick start with Mimer SQL Mobile, select the Development and Sample Files option. This will enable you to automatically create an example environment containing database objects such as idents, tables, views, triggers, stored procedures and precompiled statements plus data that you can export to your device.
  1. During the installation on your workstation the wizard asks you to confirm that you want to install Mimer SQL Mobile on your device:

Click Yes, the wizard installs Mimer SQL Mobile on your device.

  1. When the wizard notifies you that it is finished, select the Run the Mimer Administrator now option and click Finish.

Create a Database

Once you have installed Mimer SQL Mobile, you are ready to create the database you will export to and use on your device.

To create a database:
  1. If not already started, start the Mimer Administrator, located in the Mimer SQL Mobile program group.

  1. Select the Local tab, click Add to create a database. The Local Database Definition dialog box opens.
  2. Enter the name of the database and the directory on your workstation where you want to create the database. Click OK.
  3. The Mimer Administrator asks if you want to create system databanks. In the Create Systems dialog box, click Yes. Complete the system databanks wizard.
Note: When asked for a SYSADM password, ensure that you have selected the Mimer SQL Mobile System Databank option. This will give you a smaller system databank.
Note: Remember the SYSADM password! If you lose the SYSADM password, it cannot be retrieved from your Mimer SQL Mobile system.
  1. When the system databank creation is complete, the wizard asks you what you want to do next. Select the options to start the database server and create a development user and development environment, click Finish.
  2. The Example Environment Setup wizard starts. Select both available options and complete the wizard to create a development user and example environment.

    You now have a Mimer SQL Mobile database server running on your workstation.

About Precompiled Statements

The Mimer SQL Mobile database server that runs on your handheld device has a very small footprint. This is achieved by creating and storing precompiled statements that give you access to the data stored on your device.

For example, to store the statement: SELECT col1,col2 FROM tab, you would use the SQL command CREATE STATEMENT as follows:


The statement, named sel1, is stored in the database. When you run your application it executes the following statement:


The same method is used for all types of data manipulation statements and calls to stored procedures.

Create and Store Precompiled Statements

The following are examples of precompiled SQL statements:

 CREATE STATEMENT ins1 INSERT INTO tab(col1, col2) VALUES('ABC', :col2_value)
 CREATE STATEMENT upd1 UPDATE tab SET col2=col2 + 10
 WHERE col1 = :hw_col1
 CREATE STATEMENT proc1 CALL proc('ABC', 10, 20)

The INSERT statement, ins1, inserts the string 'ABC' into col1. The second parameter, :col2_value, is a parameter marker and is represented by a host variable in an application program.

Tip: As size is of great consequence on any handheld device, you should minimize the size of the database by removing objects that are not needed.
Precompiled Statements in the Example Environment

In the example environment, if you chose to install it, there are a number of precompiled statements ready for use which you can review on your workstation.

To review them:
  1. Click Start, browse to your Mimer SQL Mobile program group and select Mimer Explorer.
  2. Login to the example environment. If you accepted the default settings when installing, the user name is: mimer_store, and the password is: GoodiesRUs. Mimer Explorer starts.
  3. To execute a precompiled statement, just click on it.

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