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Export to a Handheld Device or Emulator

When you have prepared your database, i.e. created the database environment with idents, tables, views, triggers, stored procedures, along with the required data and statements to access these, it is time to export the database to a handheld device or to an emulation environment.

Exporting to Pocket PC

The procedures for exporting to a handheld device and to a Pocket PC 2002 emulator are equivalent. For information on how to export to a Pocket PC emulator, see To export to the Pocket PC emulation environment.

You do this by running the Mimer Administrator on your desktop as follows:
Note: When exporting to a handheld device, it must be connected to your workstation during the export procedure.
  1. Click the Mimer Administrator's Remote tab.

  1. Click the Add... button. The Remote Database Definition dialog box opens:

  1. Enter a new database name and select protocol Rapi. Click OK.

    The following dialog box opens:

  1. Click Yes when asked to create a database on your handheld device. The Local Database Definition dialog box opens:

  1. Here, you can customize the Mimer SQL Mobile database server on your handheld device.

    Fields that are read-only, such as Create System Data Source above, are not available on a handheld device.

    Do not change the database name, as the name must be the same for the remote definition as for the local database on the handheld device. If you are unsure of values to enter, you can keep the database as is, by simply clicking OK.

    Click OK. The following dialog box opens:

  1. Click Yes to create the directory that will store the database files on your handheld device. The following dialog box opens:

  1. Click Yes to start a wizard that will export the database you have prepared on your desktop. Just follow the instructions.

  1. The database is now listed on the Remote tab in the Mimer Administrator:

By right-clicking on the Remote database definition you can control the database server on your handheld device, perform new exports, and/or change the database properties.

Exporting to Symbian

Unlike when working with Pocket PC you don't need to create a remote database to export your database files to the Symbian handset. Mimer SQL Mobile is currently unable to export the database files directly to the device. Instead they are placed in a chosen directory along with a package file (.PKG), which can be used to create an installation file for deployment. This package file is supposed to be included in your application build process.

To initiate the database export process, go to the Local tab in the Mimer Administrator, right click on the database you wish to export and choose Export to handheld/emulation.

This will start a wizard enabling you to specify which directory to place the exported database files in.

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