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Mimer Explorer - Accessing the Database on a Pocket PC Device

Once you have exported the database to your device, you can access the data it contains using precompiled statements via the Mimer Explorer.

Note: Mimer Explorer is currently not available for Symbian devices.

Using Mimer Explorer

Mimer Explorer is available on both your workstation, in the Mimer SQL program group and on your device from the main menu.

To get help on Mimer SQL and on the Mimer Explorer when working on the device, select help from the start menu. Depending on where you are located the corresponding help information will be displayed.

Note: The following example is based on Mimer SQL Mobile running on a Pocket PC device with the example environment installed. (For more information on the example environment, see The Example Database article on the Mimer SQL Developer Web, http://developer.mimer.com/features/).
To start using Mimer Explorer:
  1. On your device, in this case a Pocket PC, click and select Mimer Explorer, the following dialog box opens:

Log on as mimer_adm using the password adm and click OK. Mimer Explorer opens and displays the precompiled statements you can use to query data stored on your device. For details on precompiled statements, see About Precompiled Statements.

  1. If the example environment is installed, a number of statements will show up, as shown in the following screen shot:

  1. Try, for example, to click on the MIMER_STORE.MUSIC_SEARCH_STMT statement to execute it. This statement will initiate a search on records stored in the example database. The following screen will appear:

  1. For example, qualify the search by inserting % as the TITLE (to get all titles), insert faust as RECORDED_BY and for MAX_ROWS insert 10 to limit the result set of the search operation to a maximum of ten hits. To toggle between the insert fields, just tap to the right of the arrow:

  1. Press Execute and the following result will be presented:

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