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Emulation Environments

This section explains how to work in an emulation environment. The procedure for exporting a database to your emulation environment is very similar to exporting to a handheld device.

Mimer SQL Mobile supports Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC, and Symbian emulation environments. Each one of them is described below.

Pocket PC 2002 Emulator

The Pocket PC 2002 emulator and is included in the Pocket PC 2002 SDK.

This emulator has a binary image which contains all the files and registry entries used by the emulator. It is therefore not possible to access the internals of this emulator from the Mimer SQL Mobile programs and wizards. The way you work with this emulator is very similar to working with a handheld device. In this case you have to set up ActiveSync to target the emulator. This procedure is described in the Embedded Visual Studio C++ documentation. In the documentation index select emulator Pocket PC 2002, subheading ActiveSync, and choose Using ActiveSync with the emulator and follow the instructions.

When working with this emulator you select Handheld device rather than Emulator whenever you have this choice in the different Mimer SQL Mobile programs and wizards.

Pocket PC Emulator

The Pocket PC emulator is provided with Pocket PC SDK (Software Development Kit).

This emulator shares environment with the Windows system installed. This means that both files and registry entries for the emulator are possible to manipulate from the Mimer SQL Mobile programs and wizards.

When working with this emulator you select Emulator when you have a choice between emulator and handheld device.

To export to the Pocket PC emulation environment
  1. Follow the steps for exporting the database to your handheld device, but in the dialog box shown in step 3 of Export to a Handheld Device or Emulator, select the protocol tcp - emulator instead of Rapi, for example:

Note: If you install Microsoft embedded Visual Tools after you install Mimer SQL Mobile on your workstation, you should reinstall Mimer SQL Mobile to enable the installation program to install all the needed registry entries and executables in the emulation environment.
Make sure that the Pocket PC Emulation tick box is selected when modifying the Mimer SQL installation.
  1. To access the database, you start the emulator via the following shortcut:

    Start | Programs | Microsoft Windows Platform SDK for Pocket PC | Desktop Pocket PC emulation or equivalent.

    Once the emulator is running, you can access the database from applications running under the emulator and also from desktop applications accessing the EmulDB database (or the name you specified).

    This enables you to test applications directly on the desktop using a Mimer SQL Mobile server.

Symbian Emulator

The Symbian emulator comes with the Symbian SDK. The below is the UIQ-variant of the emulator.

This emulator partly shares environment with the Windows system installed, and partly runs in its own environment. In particular, the file system and TCP/IP-stack for MIDlets is shared with the Windows system, while other components use the Symbian native TCP/IP-stack.

When Mimer SQL database files are exported to the Symbian emulator, database files are placed in the emulator's \data\Mimer folder. Once database files have been exported, the Mimer database server may be started. Note however that since the Mimer SQL Mobile exporting tool cannot stop and start the server you have make sure the emulator server is stopped before attempting to export.

Currently, databank files can only be imported manually from the emulator, see Importing databases from a Symbian environment.

Importing From the Emulation Environment

It is also possible to import the database back from the emulation environment.

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