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Requirements Pocket PC

Microsoft ActiveSync

You must have Microsoft ActiveSync version 3.0 or later installed as this software is used to install Mimer SQL Mobile on your handheld device. The recommended version is 3.7.1 (or later).

Microsoft eMbedded Visual Studio

On Windows NT/2000/XP you can work in an emulation environment. Install Microsoft eMbedded Visual Studio version 3.0 before you install Mimer SQL Mobile. Doing so will ensure that when you install Mimer SQL Mobile, the files needed for the emulation environment will be installed in the correct location.

If you do not have Visual Studio installed when you install Mimer SQL Mobile, you can still complete the installation. The files needed for emulation are stored in a subdirectory to your Mimer SQL Mobile installation: <targetdir>\wce300\x86em.

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