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Requirements Symbian - UIQ Based Phones

Sony Ericsson P80x

This version of Mimer SQL Mobile for Symbian is specifically targeted at the Sony Ericsson P800 line of handsets. Future releases of Mimer SQL Mobile for Symbian may include support for more devices. Other Symbian 7 devices may work, but have not been tested.

The beta release of Mimer SQL Mobile requires at least 4 MB of internal memory and 4 MB of storage memory available to test the product. The final release will use considerably less resources than this version.

P800 Data Suite

The file transfer software must be installed to allow you to transfer database files to the handset during the development process. If the P800 Data Suite is installed on the desktop before Mimer SQL Mobile is installed, an attempt to install the Mimer SQL Mobile for Symbian server on the handset is done. If your handset is disconnected, or if the installation fails for any reason, please try to install the database server manually, see Manually install Mimer SQL Mobile on the P800/UIQ handset.

Symbian SDK UIQ

To test Mimer SQL Mobile applications in an emulator, the Symbian SDK is required. Currently, the only Symbian OS SDK variant supported is UIQ. At least version 2.0 is required. If the Symbian SDK UIQ is installed before Mimer SQL Mobile, an attempt to install the emulator support files is done. You may also install the emulation support files manually, see Manually installing the Mimer SQL Mobile emulation support into the Symbian emulator (P800/UIQ).

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