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About Previous Mimer SQL Versions

This chapter describes how to upgrade from earlier versions of Mimer SQL.

For information about packaging in earlier versions of Mimer SQL, please refer to the corresponding version of Mimer Packaging Guide.

On Windows, Mimer does not support parallel installations of different versions of Mimer SQL. In the following sections, the term components refers to items such as the database server, database client, and online documentation.

4.1 Upgrading a Mimer SQL Installation

The logic used by the installation program is as follows:

4.2 Upgrading a Mimer SQL Database

When upgrading between major versions, for example from 8.2 or 9.1 to 9.3, existing databases must be upgraded using a database upgrade utility.

The interactive method of upgrading Mimer SQL databases is by using the Mimer Administrator. Upgrade is one of the menu alternatives when right-clicking a local database.

You can also upgrade a database from a program using the ODBC routine SQLConfigDataSource.

The following C example will upgrade the MyLocalMimer database where the system administrator password is SYSPSW:

      "UPGRADE=-pSYSPSW MyLocalMimer\0\0");

Always remember to carry out a proper backup before upgrading a database.

See the Mimer SQL Reference Manual for further information about ALTER TABLE.

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