Mimer JDBC/MIDP 2.12

Constant Field Values


public static final int TRANSACTION_NONE 0
public static final int TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED 2
public static final int TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITTED 1
public static final int TRANSACTION_REPEATABLE_READ 4
public static final int TRANSACTION_SERIALIZABLE 8

public static final int CONCUR_READ_ONLY 1007
public static final int CONCUR_UPDATABLE 1008
public static final int FETCH_FORWARD 1000
public static final int FETCH_REVERSE 1001
public static final int FETCH_UNKNOWN 1002
public static final int TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY 1003
public static final int TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE 1004
public static final int TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE 1005

public static final int columnNoNulls 0
public static final int columnNullable 1
public static final int columnNullableUnknown 2

public static final int BIGINT -5
public static final int BINARY -2
public static final int BIT -7
public static final int BLOB 2004
public static final int CHAR 1
public static final int CLOB 2005
public static final int DATE 91
public static final int DECIMAL 3
public static final int DOUBLE 8
public static final int FLOAT 6
public static final int INTEGER 4
public static final int LONGVARBINARY -4
public static final int LONGVARCHAR -1
public static final int NULL 0
public static final int NUMERIC 2
public static final int OTHER 1111
public static final int REAL 7
public static final int SMALLINT 5
public static final int TIME 92
public static final int TIMESTAMP 93
public static final int TINYINT -6
public static final int VARBINARY -3
public static final int VARCHAR 12

Mimer JDBC/MIDP 2.12

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