Mimer SQL 9.2.4, Mac OS X, PPC-edition

This is Mimer SQL Engine 9.2.4E for the PowerPC platform, developed for Mac OS X 10.4, but verified and supported for Mac OS X 10.3 as well.

Mimer SQL is free for test and development.

Due to problems in early Mac OS X 10.4, Mimer SQL requires at least version 10.4.3 of Mac OS X.

What is new in this version?

This is the first production release for Mac OS X and it is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

The powerful graphical SQL tool DbVisualizer, is bundled with Mimer SQL in this version.

For details on this particular version, please refer to the Mimer SQL Release Notes found in the /Applications/MimerSQL−9.2.4E/doc folder.

Getting started on Mac OS X

A PDF documentation set is included in the distribution, found in the documentation directory mentioned above.

This product is simple to install and to get started with. You download the zip file and click on it from the Finder application. Then you click on the unpacked pkg file and the Installer application is launched and guides you through the installation.

In the Mimer SQL installation folder, /Applications/MimerSQL−9.2.4E or corresponding, you can find applications that will get you started:
  1. To get started you need to create a database. Do this by using the application Mimer SQL Database Install.

  2. To administer the database server(s) you use the application Mimer SQL Database Admin.

  3. To develop and administer the structure and contents of your database use the DbVisualizer application.

If needed, these applications have a built-in Help.

For details on how to install, see the article Installing Mimer SQL on Mac OS X.

To get connected to your new database, please see the articles Mimer SQL and DbVisualizer using JDBC om Mac OS X and Using Mimer SQL with iODBC om Mac OS X.

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