Mimer SQL 10.0.6, Mac OS X

This is Mimer SQL Engine 10.0.6J for the Mac OSX x86-64/AMD64 platform. The product is developed on Mac OSX Snowleopard, but is also verified on the Leopard version. Later Mac OSX version are also assumed to be compatible.

Along with applications for installation and administration of Mimer SQL databases, this product includes DbVisualizer, the leading platform independent and cross database tool aimed to simplify database development and management for database administrators and developers.

Both client and server software for Mimer SQL are included. Apart from GUI applications, as described above, there are several command line tools and client application link libraries provided.

A documentation set in PDF format can also be found in the package.

The database server software included will run in 64- or 32-bit mode since they are so called fat binaries.


Mac OS X Leopard or later, based on x86_64/AMD64 processor architecture, is presumed.

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