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Mimer SQL Mobile is a small footprint database that makes it possible to deploy full-fledged DBMS applications on hand-held devices, mobile phones and other small appliances.

Mimer SQL Mobile - The Phone is the Server

Mimer SQL Mobile is a complete multi-user DBMS with full transaction support. A Mimer SQL Mobile database can be accessed by parallel local applications, but also by remote clients. A local Mimer SQL Mobile application may also access remote Mimer SQL databases.

The client/server communication in Mimer SQL Mobile uses standard network protocols, e.g. serial interfaces, LAN, IR, Wireless LAN and Bluetooth, well suited for small-footprint environments.

Mimer SQL Mobile is not only a small footprint DBMS, also the data stored in a Mimer SQL Mobile database is small footprint. All data is compressed using very efficient compression techniques reducing the storage needs on the mobile device up to 60%.

Development Environment

Mimer SQL Mobile for PocketPC includes a Windows-based development environment where the applications can be developed on the desktop computer and then downloaded to the target device. The complete database application can also be tested on the desktop computer before it is deployed on the target device.


Mimer SQL Mobile is currently available on Symbian OS, Microsoft PocketPC and PocketPC 2002. See the Mimer SQL Mobile section on the Platforms page for details on product availability.

You get an introduction on howto work with Mimer SQL Mobile in the article Using Mimer SQL Mobile.

The article Java programming for mobile phones with Mimer SQL gives you an example on how to work with Java and Mimer SQL Mobile.

You can download the latest versions of Mimer SQL Mobile at our Download page.

Last updated: 2004-05-18


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