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Firewall issue on Mac OS X
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When installing Mimer SQL Engine on Mac OS X it may be important to look at the default Firewall settings. Mimer SQL is by default using the dedicated port number 1360 for TCP/IP connectivity (1360 is registered for Mimer SQL). If attempts to use this port are not allowed by the Mac OS X Firewall, a remote connection made to the Mimer SQL database server will be refused.

This article will describe how to open the firewall for Mimer SQL.

The default firewall used on Mac OS X is called ipfw (Internet Protocol FireWall), which is a familiar application in the Linux/Unix environment.

Within Mac OS X, Apple provides a basic GUI interface for configuring this firewall, found under System Preferences. Below, this application is used to configure the firewall to allow connections to Mimer SQL database servers (using port 1360).

For details on the ipfw program and its abilities, please see the ipfw man-page.

Open up 1360 for Mimer SQL

Launch the System Preferences application and select the Sharing icon under Internet & Network. Select the Firewall tab.

Use the New... button to add a new entry in the list of ports handled by the firewall. For "Port Name" use the Other option. In the dialog, enter 1360 in the "Port Number, Range or Series" field and enter Mimer SQL in the "Description" field. Click the OK button to end the dialog.

Once this is done the configuration would look as follows:

To activate the changes, stop and restart the firewall by using the Stop (Start) button.

Note! You do not danger your firewall protection by opening port 1360 for Mimer SQL. Mimer SQL listens on the port and aborts an illegal attempt to connect.

A section in An Introduction to Mac OS X Security for Web Developers from Apple discusses the ipfw firewall in general terms. Look for the "On-the-box Firewalling" section.

Last updated: 2005-03-01


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