Mimer SQL 9 - the New Stuff!

Mimer SQL 9 not only gives you ever better standard conformance, its performance and scalability on anything from hand-held devices to enterprise servers is unbeatable.


Binary and Character Large OBjects (BLOB/CLOB/NCLOB) support according to SQL-99

Multi-database transactions (two-phase commit) conforming to Open Group's XA-standard

J2EE compliant Java interfaces including Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) support and native connection pooling, data source handling and XA distributed transaction access

Native ODBC 3 driver

Support for Windows COM+ and Distributed Transaction Control (DTC)

Unicode support according to the new 3.2 standard from the Unicode consortium (ISO/IEC 10646)

Unique scalability - the same application can be executed on almost any kind of hardware platform, without any need for changes

Deploy applications in environments with limited memory resources

Complete SQL support including: stored procedures, triggers, functions, referential integrity and BLOBs/CLOBs

Client/server connectivity for different network protocols; e.g. serial, LAN, IR, WirelessLAN and Bluetooth

Can act both as client to other Mimer SQL servers or as a server for other Mimer SQL clients

New design for embedded solutions with multi-user environment, full transactional support, small footprint and available for devices such as PocketPC/iPAQ.

News in Mimer SQL 9.2!


Full support for SQL:1999 Collations, the standard for multi-lingual sorting

Support for "With Hold" cursors according to SQL:1999. I.e. cursors remains open after COMMIT

Support for the SQL:1999 data type National Character Large Object (NCLOB)

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Powered by Mimer SQL