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MpmBanner.jpg We at Mimer Information Technology wish you welcome to the home page for the Mimer Provider Manager, a product that gives you full database flexibility when using Microsoft's ADO.NET. At this location you will find the latest information concerning this Open Source product hosted at

What is Mpm?

ADO.NET is Microsoft's first-choice database interface in the .NET programming environment. This interface has many good sides and makes it easier to build database applications compared to the older ADO interface. However, there is one fundamental disadvantage - the application is locked to the database with which it is compiled. To switch to another database the application must be changed and recompiled!

Mpm, the fully .NET managed Mimer Provider Manager, gives independence with the actual ADO.NET provider used by offering a runtime ADO.NET provider dispatcher. It also gives the opportunity to enable SQL filters and a trace facility in the interface. A short introduction is found in the article Mimer Provider Manager - The solution for ADO.NET!



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ADO.NET is the interface of choice when you develop database applications in the Microsoft .NET framework and it is the natural successor for the ADO ...


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