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MpmBanner.jpg We at Mimer Information Technology wish you welcome to the home page for the Mimer Provider Manager, a product that gives you full database flexibility when using Microsoft's ADO.NET. At this location you will find the latest information concerning this Open Source product hosted at

What is Mpm?

ADO.NET is Microsoft's first-choice database interface in the .NET programming environment. This interface has many good sides and makes it easier to build database applications compared to the older ADO interface. However, there is one fundamental disadvantage - the application is locked to the database with which it is compiled. To switch to another database the application must be changed and recompiled!

Mpm, the fully .NET managed Mimer Provider Manager, gives independence with the actual ADO.NET provider used by offering a runtime ADO.NET provider dispatcher. It also gives the opportunity to enable SQL filters and a trace facility in the interface. A short introduction is found in the article Mimer Provider Manager - The solution for ADO.NET!



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ADO.NET is the interface of choice when you develop database applications in the Microsoft .NET framework and it is the natural successor for the ADO ...


Here's what is new on the site:
The Mpm 2.0 branch is now opened!

VReel.jpg                                         2006/06/22 -- The first stable Mimer Provider Manager release in the 2.0 branch is now available. It works with .NET Framework 2.0.1 and supports ADO.NET 2.0. Mimer Provider Manager integrates tightly into Visual Studio 2005, which also includes all the ease-of-use concerning the documentation. In addition to being adapted to .NET 2.0, the Mimer Provider Manager 2.0 includes various corrections and enhancements. Mimer Provider Manager 2.0 also adds support for Oracle 10g and the new Mimer Data Provider 9.4.0. Download the new Mimer provider Manager from the Mpm Download Page.

Mpm 1.2.3 now released!

VScaffold.jpg                                     2004/05/05 -- We can now present the first release in the 1.2 branch of the Mimer Provider Manager! The user interface has been further improved with several new Visual Studio integration features like wizards for creation of Datasets, preview of data, and editing of table mappings. The new integration features also work with Borland C# Builder. This version supports various installation scenarios by providing redist files which can be used, for example, with ASP.NET applications. In addition, the Mpm Administrator now aids in the editing of configuration files. For further details see the Release History section in the Mimer Provider Manager 1.2.3, Overview Guide. Hang on! Download Mpm now!

Create a generic .Net application

HPenna.jpg                                        2004/03/31 --

A new Mpm version!

VShipfront.jpg                                    2004/03/19 --

An ADO.NET Provider Manager is here!

VBluedoor.jpg                                     2004/02/03 -- We are very pleased to be able to announce the Mimer Provider Manager - a product for database availability when using Microsoft's ADO.NET. Mpm (short for the Mimer Provider Manager) is a database independent product based on open source. It is aimed at providing ADO.NET database solutions that are open, flexible and yet using the strength of the database API. Feel free to download Mpm from the Mpm download page!


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