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Full Mimer SQL for All Platforms
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2001-02-14 -- In conjunction with the release of Mimer SQL 8.2, Mimer has also released a free and full developer version of Mimer SQL available for download from this Web-site.

This means that any developer can now, without any cost, use Mimer SQL for development, evaluation and test. The offer, which is not time limited, includes a free developer licence for 10 users and is available for all the platforms that Mimer SQL 8.2 supports (Windows 98/ME/NT/2000, Linux, Sun Solaris, Alpha OpenVMS, IBM AIX, HP-UX and Alpha Tru64).

By providing a full version of Mimer SQL for up to 10 users, everyone will have the chance to experience Mimer’s complete SQL and high performance. User-friendliness when installing, developing and above all in production – that has always been Mimer’s most important characteristic (this has been called "the Mimer install-and-forget" concept!). Mimer SQL 8.2 includes more ease of use enhancements, for example, you can now install Mimer SQL 8.2 in just a couple of minutes.

Another extremely important characteristic of Mimer SQL is its size. For example, a complete Mimer SQL 8.2 distribution for Linux is only 5.79 M Bytes!

Mimer SQL’s high performance makes it a scaleable product suitable for any organisation, be it a single-user system or a business-critical system with thousands of users.

You can download full developer versions of Mimer SQL 8.2 right now.


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Powered by Mimer SQL