Mimer SQL on Windows 98/ME

Mimer SQL Engine is available for the Windows 98 and Millennium (ME) operating systems.

Mimer SQL Engine for Windows is designed and engineered to integrate well with the operating system environment.

Examples of features included:

  • Started database servers appear on the task bar, and you can administer them from there.

  • Easy and user-friendly installation. You will have your first database server running in minutes.

  • A silent install option if you want to install Mimer SQL Engine for Windows as part of your product.

  • Standard Windows uninstall.

It is important to realize that Mimer SQL Engine offers the same functionality and features on every platform, including Windows 98 and ME. You can use a small laptop running Windows 98 to develop database applications which will work equally well on a high-end Solaris server.

Mimer SQL Engine comes with a JDBC driver entirely written in Java. This enables you to use Mimer SQL Engine in all Java environments, from browsers to enterprise servers. The JDBC driver is also distributed separately. The JDBC-driver supports Mimer SQL Engine 8.2 database servers and later.

Mimer SQL Engine also comes with an ODBC 3.52 compliant driver. ODBC is currently the major application interface on Windows. The Mimer ODBC implementation is a complete implementation that makes Mimer SQL Engine compatible with any ODBC compliant application. The ODBC-driver supports Mimer SQL Engine 7.2 database servers and later.

Microsoft ADO and OLE DB is also supported by Mimer SQL Engine.

Mimer DQL Engine is platform independent, so you can use Mimer SQL clients to connect to a Mimer SQL database server on any platform.

Enabling the JDBC Driver

In order to use JDBC with the application or application server of your choice, you need to configure the application to use the Mimer JDBC Driver. For most applications, this means that the application should be started with the JDBC-driver in the classpath, and that the application should be made aware of the Mimer JDBC class name.

The sample command line statement below starts your application with the correct classpath. If you choose to install Mimer SQL in a non-default directory, you must replace the path below with the directory of your choice.
java -cp "%CLASSPATH%;c:\program files\mimer82 win98\mimjdbc-1_3.jar" MyApp

You can read more about this in the Mimer JDBC User’s Guide, which comes with the product. Also, on this Web site, see specific instructions on how to enable your tool with Mimer SQL.

Enabling Server Autostart

A Mimer SQL Engine database server can automatically start when a client tries to connect to it. Server startup is completed in seconds, so when the client connects it will only experience a slight delay.

The autostart feature works right out of the box for local connections, that is, for connections that use shared memory to communicate with the database server. For example, applications that execute on the same machine as the database server and use either ODBC or Embedded SQL.

If the application is connecting remotely or is using JDBC, the server autostart will only work if the MIMTCP-application is running. This is a small executable that sits and listens for clients trying to connect to Mimer SQL database servers. If a client tries to connect to a server which is not running, the MIMTCP-application will start the database server and continue listening for other requests.

To enable this feature, start MIMTCP.EXE which is located in the Mimer SQL installation directory. If you want start MIMTCP.EXE automatically on each startup, create a shortcut to MIMTCP.EXE in your Autostart-folder. The name of this folder is different depending on your language. On English Windows 98 these steps are involved:

1. Right-click on the start-button. Start exploring.

2. Locate the autostart folder. It is usually located in the Program folder.

3. Once in the autostart folder, right-click to create a shortcut.

4. Enter the path to MIMTCP.EXE which is located in the Mimer SQL installation directory.

Silent Install for Value Added Resellers

Mimer SQL Engine for Windows enables you to distribute Mimer SQL with your application. You probably want to install Mimer SQL silently with a predefined set of options, however, this is neither within the scope of the free developer license nor this article. Please contact Mimer SQL Support for a license and instructions.

Enabling Mimer Commands at the Command Prompt

When you install Mimer SQL Engine, the Mimer SQL installation directory is not added to the system path. The system path is a list of folders in which the command prompt (MS-DOS prompt in Windows 98) searches for executables.

In order to enable Mimer SQL commands at the command prompt, you should edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT file and add the Mimer SQL installation folder to the path. For example:
PATH “%PATH%”;”c:\program files\mimer82 win98”

Using the Named Pipes Network Protocol

Mimer SQL Engine for Windows 98 and ME supports client use of the Named Pipes protocol. The Microsoft specific Named Pipes protocol has several benefits. Some of the extra features provided with the protocol are:

  • It takes advantage of the built-in Windows NT server security system. Clients connecting to a server must be approved by the Windows server security system.

  • It makes it possible to automatically login to the database using the NT security system. Clients connecting to the server must be logged on to the Windows NT domain of the server.

  • It is slightly faster than TCP on Windows.

Please note that Named Pipes is a Windows specific network protocol. You will not be able to connect to non-Windows servers using Named Pipes.

The example below shows how you can configure a connection using the Named Pipes protocol. You access this dialog in the Mimer Administrator. Click the Remote tab, and then click Add or Configure.

The example shows a database named TUFFARE, located on a Windows NT server named Njord using the Named Pipes protocol:


For more information on the specific items covered in this article, see below:

Microsoft Windows:


How To Get Started with Mimer JDBC

Download Mimer SQL Engine for Windows 98/ME from our download page.

For further details, please see our Howto and Feature articles. Or, contact Mimer SQL Support.

Last updated: 2003-12-11


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