Mimer Data Provider on .NET Framework 1.1, ODBC

The Mimer Data Provider allows an application to access Mimer SQL database servers using the ADO.NET data-access model. ADO.NET is a disconnected, n-tier data-access model integrated with XML and XSD. ADO.NET consists of two main components: the .NET Data Provider and a DataSet. The Data Provider defines how data is accessed from a relational database, and the DataSet defines the representation for this data in memory.

The Mimer Data Provider adheres closely to the ADO.NET specification and also has tight integration with Windows forms and ASP.NET development environments.


The Mimer Data Provider is used to access a Mimer SQL database server on the same machine or across a network. The Mimer Data Provider is developed in a number of stages:

  1. The first version uses ODBC to access the database. This version can work with all the older (and newer) Mimer SQL servers that support ODBC. By doing this, it is possible to use the Mimer Data Provider against versions beginning with 7.2. The functionality of this version is limited by what is possible to do via ODBC.

  2. The second version will be 100% managed code. I.e. the entire provider will be written for .NET. No dependencies will exist on ODBC or any software outside of the .NET Framework. This provider will take advantage of functionality in new versions and can therefore not support older server versions.

  3. The second version will be adapted for the .NET Compact Framework allowing native Mimer SQL Mobile access on small devices.

Several versions can be installed concurrently. I.e. the two first versions can, for example, be installed on the same machine and be used by different applications.

The application interface will be the same for both providers. The second generation may be able to support more features. For example, the interval data types will be available as MimerDbTypes.

The Mimer Data Provider is used to gain access to Mimer SQL database servers. The mechanism for doing this, is by specifying a ConnectionString for the MimerConnection object. The connection string references a database. The database must have been defined with the Mimer Administrator. This program is distributed with the standard Mimer SQL distribution for Windows. In case you have a standalone Mimer Data Provider you can download a Mimer SQL for Windows from the Mimer SQL developer site at

In the future it will also be possible to access remote databases from the .NET environment without having Mimer Administrator setup the connection information.


You can download the Mimer Data Provider from the Download Page.
Last updated: 2004-04-01


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