Mimer Data Provider on Borland Developer Studio 2006

The Mimer Data Provider for Borland Developer Studio 2006, gives you access to Mimer SQL from the Borland Developer Studio.

This data provider is tightly integrated with the Borland Developer Studio environment. Database applications can easily be developed using drag and drop of all the different database objects from the Borland Data Explorer. Management of Mimer SQL connections is done in the same environment.

The package is fully Unicode enabled and allows Unicode data to be used with the Borland Data Provider interface as well as with the native Mimer Data Provider interfaces.

The Mimer Data Provider for Borland Developer Studio 2006, supports the Borland Data Provider (BDP) which is Borland’s interface for rapid database development in .NET. In short, it can be seen as a unifying interface for different Data Providers, managed or not managed.

BDP acts as a wrapper around different Data Providers and gives a single database interface to work towards, i.e. the BDP interface. To connect to a database you use the BdpConnection regardless of the underlying database. Which database type to be used is defined in the connection string. (In standard ADO.NET you work in a non-unified way with the different Data Providers that the database vendors ships, or with the ones that are included in the .NET framework.)

BDP does not only unify different Data Providers, it also adds functionality. You can for example use the ISQLMetadata interface to get information about different database objects like tables, views, and procedures. With the interface ISQLDataSources you can get information about available providers and defined datasources.

When it comes to database transparency, BDP is actually quite similar to Mimer Provider Manager (Mpm), another unifying interface developed by Mimer Information Technology and released as open source. Both Mpm and BDP solve the problem when working with different Data Providers for different databases.

The BDP interface can be implemented by database vendors to achieve full integration with Borland Developer Studio, and this is what Mimer Information Technology has done for Mimer SQL.

When Mimer Data Provider for Borlande Developer Studio 2006, is installed, Mimer SQL is listed and integrated in the same way as the other supported databases. You are not limited to just browse the database, you can also modify the data, commit or rollback the changes and issue arbitrary SQL commands.

The Mimer Data Provider supports all Mimer SQL features. The efficient run-time environment included in the Mimer Data Provider for Borland Developer Studio 2006 is used when the application is ready for deployment.

The Mimer Data Provider is based upon the .NET 1.1 architecture framework and is written in 100% managed code.

In addition to be a Borland Data Provider, the Mimer Data Provider can be used as a standalone Data Provider with all the expected support for wizards and drag and drop of object onto forms.

Download the Mimer Data provider, Borland Developer Studio 2006, from our Download page.

See the tool description for Borland Delphi 2006.

Last updated: 2006-03-10


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Powered by Mimer SQL