Mimer SQL Mobile on Symbian OS, S60 3rd Edition

Mimer SQL Mobile is a full scale RDBMS with a very small footprint, which makes it suitable in resource-limited environments such as handheld devices and mobile phones. It is a multi user database server with complete support for standard SQL and transaction management.

Mimer SQL Mobile for Symbian OS and the S60 3rd edition user interface can, for example, be used on the Nokia E61 or Nokia E95 phones. In the wide perspective this product makes it possible for software developers to build advanced mobile database solutions for mobile phones based on Symbian OS 9, supporting the S60 3rd Edition platform.

The database server in the mobile device can be accessed simultaneously from several local applications at the same time. Concurrently, it can be accessed from external clients in the network. The other way around, local applications on the device can access other Mimer SQL databases on other network nodes, for example databases on Linux, Unix, OpenVMS, Mac OS X or Windows.

The client/server communication in Mimer SQL Mobile utilizes standardized network protocols such as GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth, etc.

Data stored in Mimer SQL Mobile is compressed using a very effective algorithm to minimize the use of storage media.

Readers familiar with the Symbian operating system may like that the Mimer SQL Server product is implemented as a Symbian OS server component, just like the regular File server, Telephony server or Window server.

Symbian Servers

The phone is your server!

Download Mimer SQL Mobile for Symbian OS from our Download Page. It includes a Windows development environment which you use together with application development tools from Symbian, Sun, and others.

With the speed in development that exists in adding ground functionality to mobile phones, new brands and models are adding to the list of supported phones rapidly. Please refer to Symbian's S60 SDK page for the latest details.


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For details on how to work with Mimer SQL Mobile for Symbian OS, please see the following articles:

If you are using the UIQ software platform with Symbian OS, please read more about Mimer SQL Mobile on Symbian OS, UIQ 3.

Last updated: 2008-10-16


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Powered by Mimer SQL