Mimer SQL on Linux

Mimer SQL Engine is available for the Linux operating system – an open-source flavor of UNIX.

Mimer SQL Engine is available for Linux running on Intel processors using 32-bit addressing. Mimer SQL on Linux is enabled for Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP).

The Mimer SQL Engine implementation uses POSIX threads. Currently on Linux threads are represented as processes, which can be seen if processes are listed when a Mimer SQL Engine database server is running.

Since Linux does not currently support full asynchronous I/O, the Mimer SQL implementation uses several I/O threads to enable operations to be performed in parallel as much as possible.

JDBC- and ODBC drivers are included in the base distribution for Mimer SQL Engine.


For optimized performance, Mimer SQL supports data storage on raw device files available via the ordinary UNIX system calls: open(), read(), write() and close(). Linux does not currently support this feature.

Large files are supported on Linux 2.4 running Mimer SQL 8.2.4 or later.

Level2, an older database API, is not supported on Linux platforms. If used, you will receive an error message.

To be able to compile most of the example programs supplied with the Mimer SQL Engine distribution, you need an ANSI/C compatible.

SuSE Linux:
RedHat Linux:
Mandrake Linux:

Download Mimer SQL Engine for Linux from our download page.

For further details, please see our Howto and Feature articles. Or, contact Mimer SQL Support.
Last updated: 2003-12-11


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