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Monitor a Mimer SQL Database Server
Category: System Management

When a Mimer SQL database server is executing, you can gather performance information by generating a performance report.

There are a number of probe points available. For example, there are counters monitoring performance data such as login information, page management statistics, transaction management statistics, background threads information, PSM compilation information, and SQLPool information. In more detail, there are counters for page requests, page faults, pages swapped out, transaction commits/aborts, etc.

You can generate the report in two ways, i.e. by using the miminfo command or, from a Windows client, by using the Windows Performance console.

Using miminfo
The miminfo report contains cumulated statistic information. In general, the miminfo command can be used as follows from the operating system command line:

miminfo -p database-name

On Windows the miminfo report can be generated by using the Mimer Administrator – Mimer Info functionality.

Using the Windows Performance Console
When running a Mimer SQL database server on a Windows 200x/XP/Vista platform, you can attach the Windows Performance Console for a graphical presentation of the performance counters. In addition, you can view performance data from several local Mimer SQL database servers simultaneously.

From the Windows Performance Console, you choose a computer. The Mimer SQL database servers to be monitored on this computer must be defined as local databases in the Mimer Administrator with a corresponding ODBC data source name. Then a Mimer Database can be selected as Object value and various counters can be viewed for the selected database. Counters can be added or removed. For an explanation of a selected counter, you can click Explain.

Start Windows Performance Console (you can use the shortcut "Performance Monitor" found in the Mimer SQL folder).

To select a different computer do the following:

  1. On the Edit menu, click Add To.

  2. In the Add To dialog box, enter the computer node name in Computer.

  3. Click Add.

  4. The Object value will show: Mimer database

  5. Choose counter - color - scale and ADD each counter

Known restrictions
By using the "miminfo -p database name" a snapshot is created giving nearly the same information as from the Windows Performance Console. One exception is the PSM compilation information and the SQLPool information.

Mimer SQL does not support monitoring of remote database servers using the Windows Performance Console.

Please see the manual for Mimer SQL for further details:

Please give special notice of the chapter named Managing a Database Server in the System Management Handbook part.

Last updated: 2009-01-19


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