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Upgrade to Mimer SQL 8.2
Categories: Database administration, Migration

Often, when a new version of Mimer SQL is released, you need to upgrade existing databases to the new version. Usually, this is because of updates made in the data dictionary structure. The upgrade procedure can be divided into two parts: upgrading the database and upgrading the application database access.

Note that if you are creating a new database, upgrading is not an issue.


The upgrade program, “sdbgen –u” can be used for Mimer SQL version 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 or version 8.1 databases. You can also update the V820C, V820D and V820E beta test versions.

The upgrade program will rebuild the entire system databank, SYSDB. The new file name will be SYSDB82. This rebuild process will do the following:

  • Eliminate any duplicate access privileges given before.
  • Transform the programs MIMER_BR, MIMER_SC, and MIMER_SW to the equivalent privileges BACKUP, STATISTICS and SHADOW.
  • Give generated names to all constraints, such as primary keys, foreign keys and check clauses.
  • Give privileges so that primary key updates will be allowed.
  • Mark all indexes as inconsistent so they will be rebuilt.
  • If any statement (view, procedure) stored in the dictionary uses a newly reserved word, the word will be quoted.

Linking Mimer7 Level2 applications with Mimer SQL

If a Mimer7 application is to be used with a Mimer SQL version 8 database server, there are different approaches to establishing communication:


To upgrade from Mimer SQL 7 or 8.1 to 8.2, the sdbgen program should be used. The database name should be given as a parameter to the sdbgen program (or be defined in MIMER_DATABASE) as shown below. The database name is presumed to be registered on the system, e.g. found in the sqlhosts file:

sdbgen -u database name

It is possible to upgrade a Mimer SQL database that was created in the following beta test versions: 8.2.0C, 8.2.0D and 8.2.0E. This is done manually by running the program sdbgen -b database-name from the directory in which the SYSDB databank is located.


We recommend that you run the Update Statistics SQL command on the whole database after upgrading the database. The secondary indexes are marked as “inconsistent” after the upgrade procedure and the new feature index lookup only cannot be used.


Once you have upgraded your database to MimerSQL version 8.2, you can use new version 8.2 features, such as online backup, read only transaction, soundex and sequences. For more information, see the Mimer SQL version 8.2 Release Notes delivered with the product.


Mimer SQL System Management Handbook, html navigation.

Mimer SQL System Management Handbook, PDF-file, 735KB.

Mimer SQL VMS Guide, PDF-file, 147KB.

Last updated: 2002-08-21


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