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Mimer SQL and SQL4X Manager J
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SQL4X Manager J is a professional tool for accessing and managing databases on Mac OS X. The tool includes more than 80 assistants and utilities that reaches from table and user management to SQL queries with syntax coloring, data transfer and reporting.

Together with Mimer SQL, a powerful combination is achieved.


In this article the beta test version of Mimer SQL 9.2.3 is used with the demo version of SQL4X Manager J (3.0.1). Currently there is no specific integration made between Mimer SQL and SQL4X Manager J, which brings us to use the "Generic JDBC" connection alternative and to do a few additional steps along the process.

First install the software. For details on how to install Mimer SQL, please refer to the article Installing Mimer SQL on Mac OS X. Create a Mimer SQL database, as described - in this article the database is presumed to be called mimserver. When the database is created using the Mimer SQL Dbinstall application, the database server is automatically started and ready for multi user access.

SQL4X Manager J can be found at The installation starts with the following screen:

Create JDBC Connection to Mimer SQL
When using the beta test version of Mimer SQL you need to copy the Mimer JDBC drivers from /Applications/MimerSQL-9.2.3C/lib (or /usr/lib) to /Library/Java/Extensions. You can do this from the Finder or from the Terminal application, see example below:

# cd /Applications/MimerSQL-9.2.3C/lib
# cp mimjdbc?.jar /Library/Java/Extensions

Start the SQL4X Manager J application.

Note! Please note that if the Mimer JDBC drivers are copied to /Library/Java/Extensions after SQL4X Manager J is started, SQL4X must be restarted.

When you start SQL4X Manager J you get an Introduction window on the screen. Click on the left upper corner item, Database Connection, to start the New Connection Assistant. Select "Generic JDBC" in the Database field and "YES" in the Driver Installed field.

Click the right arrow button to continue.

Select a suitable Display Name in the upcoming JDBC Connection Settings screen, for example, use the database name, mimserver. In the Driver field enter the Mimer JDBC Driver class com.mimer.jdbc.Driver. In the URL field enter jdbc:mimer://localhost/mimserver (for details on the Mimer JDBC URL syntax, please see the Mimer JDBC Guide.

Now, enter the Mimer SQL database User and Password. For example, use the SYSADM user and the password that you selected when the database was created:

Click the right arrow button to continue to the Test JDBC Connection screen. Click the Connect button and the steps in Loading the driver, Connecting to the database server and opening the database should be performed.

Click the right arrow button again and finish the JDBC connection setup for the Mimer SQL database server named mimserver.

Connect to the Mimer SQL database
Open up the Database Navigator part of SQL4X Manager J. In the Connections list to the left, the mimserver entry should be visible. Click on the mimserver entry and the available schemas in the database will be shown in the Schema listing.

You are now connected and able to explore the functionality of the combination SQL4X Manager J and Mimer SQL. In the following picture the DB Quick Access part is entered:


For details on SQL4X Manager J, please refer to

Last updated: 2007-03-23


Powered by Mimer SQL

Powered by Mimer SQL