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What's new in Mimer SQL 9.2?
Category: Database features

With Mimer SQL 9.2, functionality, ease-of-use aspects and performance are taken to a new higher level! See the details in this article that gives you the 9.2.1 news.

New features

SQL:1999 Collations
One of the main new features in Mimer SQL 9.2 is the support for SQL:1999 Collations. SQL:1999 Collations is a standard for multi-lingual sorting. Additional to the support for Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and many other larger languages. Mimer SQL 9.2 also includes support for the European Committee for Standardization's (CEN) European Ordering Rules (EOR). There are also pre-defined support for many minority languages such as Catalan, Sami, Sorbian and Welsh. New collations can easily be created with the CREATE COLLATION statement.

With the extended multi-language support in Mimer SQL 9.2, providers of multi-lingual software will have a unique opportunity to handle many different languages simultaneously in one single application.

For a details on collations, please refer to the article Character data, Unicode and collations.

The NCLOB (National Character Large Object) data type in the SQL:1999 standard is supported in Mimer SQL 9.2 for storing large text objects using Unicode data. The internal representation of a NCLOB is always UTF-32 (efficiently compressed), thus enabling a true portability between different platforms (e.g. in a client/server environment).

Extended Unicode support
Mimer SQL 9.2 has full support for the Unicode representations UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32, making it possible to access Unicode data from all external APIs (JDBC, ODBC and Embedded SQL) and from all platforms in native format.

Mimer SQL 9.2 has support for the SQL:1999 feature WITH HOLD, an option to keep a cursor open after transaction commit. Please note that this feature is not included in the first beta version of Mimer SQL 9.2 now available for download.

Scalar Subselect
Support for scalar subselects according to the SQL:1999 standard is introduced in Mimer SQL 9.2.

BSQL in command-line mode
Single SQL statements can now be executed from the command line with the BSQL utility. Unicode files with encoding such as UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 can now be used from BSQL.

Export/Import utility replaced with Mimload
The Export/Import utility is now included in the Mimload utility. This means that the older Mimer SQL Utility package is no longer included in Mimer SQL Engine.

Performance Enhancements

Data Dictionary caching
Main memory caching of table, column, domain, index and foreign key information increase the SQL compilation performance in Mimer SQL 9.2

Reduced LOB communication overhead
By using scatter/gather technology when accessing BLOBs, CLOBs and NCLOBs, the communication overhead is reduced significantly.

Optimised read-only transactions
Read-only transactions are now totally isolated from other transactions in the Mimer SQL 9.2 kernel, thus eliminating transaction concurrency overhead for these transactions.

Group Commit optimisations
The I/O operations for transactions committed within the same timeframe are significantly reduced.


For more information on Mimer SQL 9, please refer to the dedicated Mimer SQL 9 page.

Read all about the Mimer SQL Multilingual Support at

Last updated: 2004-03-23


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