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SQL Developer
Vendor: SOLYP Informatik GmbH,


sqldeveloperLogoS.jpg SQL Developer, "The Universal Database Frontend", is a SQL database administration and query tool that provides a single consistent interface for various databases supporting JDBC access.

With this tool you can visually navigate through your database structure, create and execute SQL queries and scripts the easy way. Or reverse engineer complete data models with the integrated diagram editor.

Among the features available in SQL Developer the following can be mentioned:

  • Unicode is supported for queries, scripts, data retrieval and file I/O.

  • Frequently used statements are managed with the integrated bookmark repository and the statement history.

  • Adaptive syntax highlighting for the different SQL dialects supports you while coding.

  • Keyword lookup and Code Completion in the editor gives you access to the complete set of keywords for the active database connection.

  • You can copy data from your spreadsheet application and paste it directly into a database table.

  • Data can be exported as SQL Script, as XML or in CSV format.

  • Tables, views and their relations and dependencies are visualized using a Diagram Editor.

  • Connections to various databases can be used simultaneously.

  • Workbench components is arranged using Drag and Drop.

  • All source and diagram editors support printing.

SQL Developer is written completely in Java. It can be run on every platform supporting Java 1.4 or higher.

Additional Info

By using the guidelines given at it is easy to setup the driver for Mimer SQL. You simply select the Settings item from the Extras menu, click on the Drivers tab and point out mimjdbc3.jar that comes with the Mimer SQL distribution.

Note! You may have to restart the tool to get everything settled after setup.


Last updated: 2006-02-28


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Powered by Mimer SQL